Redness of the eyes may be a sign of a serious problem

Red eyes are a very common problem, most people have to face this problem at some point in their life. It can develop from reasons for this, and it can take it problem from minor to very serious scale.
In most cases, this problem can be avoided by adopting cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle.
But if this problem persists for several days, then it becomes necessary to get treatment, otherwise, the eyes can be permanently damaged.

Red eyes
The problem of red eyes is also called blood shot eyes, in which the white portion of our eye becomes red more or less. It arises when the fine blood vessels in the white area of the eye enlarge and become inflamed.
The eyes become red due to the introduction of a foreign substance into the eye or an infection, this problem can occur in one or both eyes. In addition to red eyes, symptoms such as burning, stinging, itching, dryness, pain, watery eyes, sensitivity to light and blurred vision can also appear.
What are the reasons?
This may be due to the enlargement of the fine blood vessels in the white portion of the eye. These blood vessels, are not visible in many cases, and sometime it may swell. There can be many reasons for red eyes
Allergies are the first reason then Air pollution and excessive exposure to sunlight and chemical, Injury to the eyes can be the reason

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